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Local Attractions

For more information about Chipping Campden visit www.chippingcampdenonline.org.uk

chipping campden Market Hall

At the centre of high street stands the beautiful and iconic Market Hall which was built 1627. Not only is the building iconic to Chipping campden but also to the Cotsworld. The Market Hall was built by Sir Baptist Hicks to provide shelter to traders. To this day the hall is still used by traders. The Market Hall building is now in the care and ownnership of the National Trust.

Grevel House

Towards the end of the High street (heading north) is one of the oldest houses in Chipping Campden. Built in 14th century it is a fine example of wonderful architecture including the original gargoyles.

The Guild of Handicraft

Chipping campden has important link with the Art and Crafts movement. In 1992, C.R. Ashbee set up his Guild of Handicrafts workshop in the old silk mill in the Sheep Street. It now contains the last family business fromt hose days - Harts Silvermith's, where you can see them working in original surroundings. It also has The Campden Coffee Co., The Gallery at the Guild, and the Caroline Richardson - a Jeweller.


Gabled, mullioned, and hoodmoulded, these Almshouses display the Cotsworld vernacular at its best. They were built at a total cost of £1300 in 1612 by Sir Baptist Hicks, a wealth benefactor to Chipping Campden and ancester of the Earls of Gainsborough. The Hicks coat of arms can be seen on the front of the row, which forms the Romen numeral I, probably representing James I. Another interesting feature is the sunken cartwheel wash just opposite the Almshouses.

Old Campden House and Gateway

In 1613, the newly enriched Sir Baptist Hicks began work on the a new house in Chipping Campden in the very latest style, looking out over equally fashionable formal gardens. 

Chipping Campden High street 

The long and windy High Street of Chipping Campden is one of the most beautiful in the Cotsworld. With a wealth of history and architeture mostly built in Cotsworld stone, the High Street is riddled with history, heritage and intrigue.

St. James's Church

One of the most beautiful landmarks of Chipping Campden is the grand early perpendicular wool church of St James, with its medieval altar frontals (c. 1500), cope (c. 1400) and vast and extravagant 17th century monuments to local wealthy silk merchant Sir Baptist Hicks and his family. 

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