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The Guild of Handicraft Trust


Court Barn is a project of the Guild of Handicraft Trust.

The Trust was established in 1990 to collect and care for the work of artists, architects, designers and craftspeople working in the north Cotswolds since about 1900; to foster the appreciation of these people and their work; and to encourage craft and design work of good quality in the present day. The Trust created Court Barn in 2006-2007 with generous financial help from the Heritage Lottery Fund and private donations.

The Court Barn logo of a stylised pink, or carnation, is based on the emblem which C. R. Ashbee designed for his Guild of Handicraft in 1890. Seeing a mass of pinks growing outside the workshops of his Guild of Handicraft in East London, chose the flower as the emblem of his Guild. It was used on their metalwork, their printing and even on their football shirts. More than a hundred years later, the Guild of Handicraft Trust has adapted the motif as its logo, acknowledging the importance of Ashbee and the Guild of Handicraft in the story of twentieth-century craft and design in the north Cotswolds.

Registered charity no.1007696.




Ray Carter C.B.E.


Sir Christopher Frayling


The Earl of Harrowby


Fiona MacCarthy


The Hon. Philip Smith


Gary Withers





David A.W. Evans






Peter Taylor (Chairman)*

Frank Johnson (Secretary)*

Michael Allchin*

Francis Ames-Lewis

Alan Crawford

Stefan Day*

Charlotte Fiell

Mary Greensted

David Hart

David Kingsmill

Pamela Marsh*

Philip Smith

Pat Welch



*Executive Committee