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Bursary Award Pop-up Exhibition

Saturday 21, July 2018  to  Sunday 26, November 2017

Court Barn is delighted to announce that the 2017 winner of our Bursary Award will be showing her work at the Museum in a special 'pop-up' exhibition.

The award is open to students from Chipping Campden school to help them on their career path in the arts. The bursary is integral to the Museum’s aim to promote craft and design and provides an opportunity for emerging artists to realise their full potential.

 We have worked closely with Chipping Campden School over the last couple of months in promoting the award at the school and interviewing candidates.

The curator, Sarah McCormick Healy, says “This is a fantastic opportunity for the students to help them at the start of their careers, especially when they are still exploring which area they would like to pursue, it could be art, jewellery, graphic design, metalwork. There are so many options. The money can be used towards material costs, or visiting museums and galleries around the world to draw inspiration. We have enjoyed working with the school and we hope that our relationship with them will continue.


Loren Davies, Winner 2017

 I'm greatly interested in integrating psychology concepts into art; the practice as art as therapy has been reflected in my work, however, instead of taking a solely personal approach, I wish to create an interactive piece that directly involves the viewer by allowing them to immerse themselves in the piece. 

 This sort of shared perspective is another interest of mine; we can communicate feelings and thoughts through a wordless language, that being art. This connection between artist and viewer is imitable and unique- a process of understanding and consolation. 

 Self-reflection is a behavioural act that we as humans are encouraged to perform a lot- to challenge, understand and better ourselves. Nevertheless, as artists and creatives, we have a higher tendency to do so but this process, as I have found from my research, often inspires negative feelings relating to anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. I wish to address this in my art, and provide some form of solace in my piece for those who experience this. 


I will transform this intangible concept into a physical entity through creating an immersive installation that encourages the viewer to interact with the environment as they would do in a state of contemplative self-reflection. I intend to implement a plethora of symbols to add depth to the introspective narrative; themes of decay, deterioration and the act of reflecting on the past will be palpable within the piece. Moreover, the entirety of the composition mirrors this narrative of the individual reaching for clarity (the outside) whilst stuck within their minds (the inside) and being thwarted to obtain this creative epiphany by the negative emotions that self-reflection can inspire (the window). I shall incorporate various paraphernalia to create a familiar setting, reminiscent of my own bedroom yet manipulate my use of media to create a sense of illusion.  

Statement of intent for Loren's Final Major Project


To find out more about Loren's work please follow her blog